PML – Promotions, Management & Logistics

PML Improves service level offerings to your customer by forecasting better, improving fulfilment rates and giving your customer exactly what they want and have come in for – USSD technology allows for preordering, early bird product acquisition and improved customer relations by supplying a continuous product stream so that consumers know what to expect to find within your organization.

Our technology makes use of integrated technologies and is accessible through a feature rich web interface, WhatsApp, USSD and our soon to be Mobile app. Based on our own research and global surveying we have the only loss recovery and on the market globally – complimented by integrated technology that allows you to take pre-orders, provide early bird product acquisitions for accurate forecasts and courier tracking for a complete and end-to-end solution.

PML is multi-faceted and can be customized to your organizations needs offering you a range of new tools and services – bill clients, assist customers in a more personal manner, easily distribute surveys and retain more customers.

Track and maintain processes within your organization ensuring maximum efficiency by guiding your processes to the finish line. It also allows for real-time observation and reporting so you are always in the loop.

Activate the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) interface to easily distribute new services to all market segments in real-time allowing you to capture data and customer interactions on demand and act accordingly.

It should be a crime that a customer leaves your business without the product that they came in for – we have the solution.

Additional Features

Recover and prevent lost sales
Obtain customer feedback before and after sales
Manage orders, deliveries and returns with real-time updates
View inventory on hand and replenishment requests
Maintain a comprehensive audit trail
Receive custom notifications as needed (daily out-of-stocks, number of faults per site)
Generate Custom Reports
White Labelled
White Labelled Solution
Identify trends and view the most common issues
Accessible by a PC, Laptop and Tablet
Customizable as per your requirement