Syscomm production sourcing is a product centric platform that provides insight into your organizations sourcing activities by facilitating activities such as product identification, selection and quality control.

Syscomm production sourcing platform easily collects details on existing and potential suppliers based on your organization’s acceptance criteria and procedures – record test results, upload images, documentation, certifications, licenses etc.

• Arrange and track delivery of product samples from various suppliers.
• Setup procurement processes that deliver on your organizations value proposition.
• Manage project processes methodically through collaborative means.
• Gauge supplier performance, lead times and capacity constraints.
• Facilitate and continuously monitor quality standards through systematic / randomized batch and unit testing.
• Reduce product failure rates through proper planning and research.
• Identify and record product defects and suggest modifications.
• Communicate quality, feature and style requirements directly with manufacturers.

Additional Features

Track delivery of products from supplier with UTH
Arrange & track delivery of product samples from various suppliers
Setup procurement process with UTH
Setup procurement processes
Set up project management methodically with UTH
Manage project processes methodically
Gauge supplier performance with UTH
Gauge supplier performance, lead times & capacity constraints
Facilitate & continuously monitor quality standards
Reduce products failure rates with system developed by UTH
Reduce product failure rates
Identify & record product defects
Communicate quality, feature & style requirements