Who We Are

software and IT business solutions

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UTH is a software and business solutions company that is committed and primarily focused on providing web and mobile software solutions.

Our array of products and services are tailored to your specific needs.
With over 50 years of collective experience, we are a passionate team that provides cost effective solutions to medium, large and enterprise businesses making us a leading software and business solutions company.

In the constantly evolving consumer driven society, companies need to ensure that they are continuously ahead of the curve. They need to Invest in strategic partnerships that ensure that their services and solutions are at the forefront of innovation.

UTH successfully employs and deploys the relevant skills and technologies within its existing infrastructure thereby satisfying our client’s individual needs and budgets whilst maintaining deadline driven turnaround times.

We strive to be an exclusive, fully fledged market leader in specialized business, cloud and mobile solutions.

What we do


We will identify the best way for your business to leverage IT for digitization. As part of evolving your business model and remaining competitive IT needs to move away from a supportive function to an integrated value adding service.


UTH is highly involved in staying up to date with the latest technology, trends and innovations from around the globe.
We continue to push our boundaries and compete against ourselves in order to bring the best breed of technologies to the table.

QA and Testing

Our targeted quality assurance and testing process monitors the development of applications and processes to provide assurance that requirements have been met.


We create, host and maintain cloud-based business solutions that incorporate the latest technologies and practices. Our development team shares a passion for innovation and their combined expertise allows us to offer unique, bespoke solutions that are user friendly and easily accessible.

Project Management

Collaboration and teamwork has enabled us to successfully deploy projects in an effective and reliable manner that is in-line with industry best practices.

Specialized Development

Using our knowledge and expertise we tailor make solutions for small businesses and corporates. Our expertise and services include retail, hospitality, security, marketing, real estate and technology. Through our mix of extensive service offerings we are able to foster long term relationships with our clients.

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