We will identify the best way for your business to implement continuously evolving solutions that allow all departments to become functional members of a digital strategy – as part of evolving your business model and remaining competitive IT needs to move away from a supportive function to an integrated value adding service.

Through the evaluation of your business environment and processes we will drive your organization to perform better by identifying a robust solution for your needs – Our IT strategies provide continuously evolving business solutions that will enable all members of your organization to participate in your newly found digital strategy.

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Cloud Solutions

We develop, host and maintain cloud-based business solutions that incorporate the latest technological solutions and practices.

Our development teams share a passion for innovation and their combined expertise allows us to offer unique, bespoke solutions that are user friendly and easily accessible.

We evaluate the marketplace and identify new technologies which expand and complement our offerings to provide greater value and more robust features.

The simplicity and value, of such systems allows certain business processes to be streamlined.

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Website Development Services

Project Management Servicces


UTH is a highly innovative technology and software development company that is continuously forging ahead of the latest technology, trends and innovations from around the globe.

We continue to push our boundaries and compete against ourselves in order to bring the best breed of technologies to the table. Through custom products and software developed to fulfil specific service requirements we can provide intelligent and adaptable solutions.

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Project Management

The biggest risk to any project is scope creep – which has damaging consequences on the finished project – assuming it is able to reach the finishing stages. In order to prevent an uncontrollable spiral that inevitably leads to failure we have stringent, well tested project management principles and procedures in place.

We begin with a well defined and documented project scope which sets the goal and direction of the project form the onset. From this point forward – various internal controls, our tailored resources and experience take the project to the finish line which is why we are a leading software development company.

We continuously improve and implement new project management initiatives and methodologies to aid collaboration and teamwork that enables us to successfully deploy projects in an effective and reliable manner.

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QA and Testing Services

Consulting services

Quality Assurance

Our targeted quality assurance and testing process monitors the development of applications and processes to provide assurance that requirements have been met – different testing activities are used to determine whether an application or process meets our quality standards as outlined below:

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Specialised Development

Using our knowledge and expertise we tailor make solutions using our knowledge and expertise in services such as retail, security, marketing, real estate and technology.

Through our mix of extensive service offerings as a software development company – we are able to foster long term relationships with our clients. We make use of the following process in our endeavors to ensure a quality end product.

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Specialized Development with UTH

UTH is always looking for bright minds to join our team!

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