UTH Products and Software solutions, is our business solution portfolio which has been designed to provide maximum value through personal interaction, precise planning and strategic use of resources from technology to technical assets deployed at the core of your organization thus delivering frontier market efficiencies to all mature operational structures.

With a proven track record in risk and operations management we are able to provide a tailored experience for most industries from retail, mining and logistics to that of hospitality and field force management. Not only are our solutions fully customizable and white labelled – we have the resources and expertise to develop bespoke solutions which cater to your specific needs.

Mixed with our investment in the latest technology and IOT offerings we can tap into the heart of your organization – UTH products create an ongoing experience that provides invaluable benefits and endurance to changing micro and macro-economic factors.


A leads and customer management system that is tailored to your company’s requirements that allows…

Custom Solutions

Our broad range of expertise and combined experience enables us to address your organizations unique…


An all-round digital operations, analytics and workforce management solution that is highly customizable for a…


MiMs is the Modular Information Management System that increases productivity, manages risks and prevents loss…


PML (Promotions, Management & Logistics) is a white labelled solution which maintains a centralized audit…


A product centric platform that provides insight into your organizations sourcing activities by facilitating activities…


UTH is always looking for bright minds to join our team!

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