Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

UTH are a team of experienced Mobile and Web Application developers who strive to create, deliver and maintain innovative software solutions to give you the opportunity to begin, operate and grow world class businesses. We build and manage teams consisting of product managers, scrum masters, product owners, business analysts, testers and developers to scale to your every need allowing an agile and dynamic approach to business.

First class custom solutions developed by Mobile and Web application developers strikes the perfect balance between artistry, engineering and people. We operate our offices in cities and regions that offer the best skills required for the various services we offer.

In using the latest technologies our tailored cloud, mobile and enterprise software is built to suit your unique business needs. We use Agile Methodologies to keep the stakeholder involved in the entire development cycle of the project so that the finished product is delivered in line with customer expectations.

UTH also takes over existing systems and platforms that have been developed but are no longer delivering results. Our team of developers will assess the system and then together with the stakeholder put together a roadmap to extend the life cycle thus ensuring improvements and longevity.

Take the first step and Get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation on all your custom solutions for Mobile and Web Application requirements.

Choose UTH as your Technology partner

Turnkey Solution

Develop, Host and Maintain with UTH ensuring a long term, value driven relationship.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team of skilled developers take care of your project.

Project Delivery

Your personal UTH product lead shall ensure your project is delivered successfully.

Industry Experience

Professional industry specific advise incorporated into your project.

Global Deployments

Locally or globally release your project to reach your audience.

Product Innovation

Leverage AI, IoT, SaaS, ML and Cloud technologies at the forefront.

Transparent Service

Continuous communication to track and manage your project.


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