Dataflow is an all-round digital operations, analytics and workforce management solution that is highly customizable for a variety of industries.

Dataflow centralizes all your checks, balances and documents. This cloud solution enables you to set a precedent for operational standards by measuring performance and efficiency for which you can receive accurate reporting on what matters to you – in a manner that suits your business and schedule.

Our solution provides a live in-depth impression of current operations with automated hassle-free delivery of reports.

Dataflow encompasses the entire management structure of your organization covering all aspects from operations, logistics, marketing, merchandising and sales in real-time. This results in cutting out paper trails, reporting on operations and fostering accountability in your organization with dependable audit trails.

Additional benefits and customizable features allow you to monitor employee movements, schedule visits with GPS tracking and allowing management to access historical records 24/7 from any location using your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Our highly customizable and interactive checklists provide insight into an organizations daily operation in real time – resulting in responsible stakeholders with measurable accountability.

Whether its management, sales or cleaning staff – This cloud solution enables you to endorse process management control and technologically advance your daily operations and services across the board.

Dataflow operates in real-time which effectively allows you to manage your business on the go any time, any place, any location.
Its integrated gallery module stores photos and videos collected from staff or service providers, taking up no space as it is all saved in the cloud.

Automatic escalations, flagging of questions and scoring of answers make identifying trends and worrying problems in your business effortlessly. This process allows you to share documents such as policies and procedures, product specs, warranties, training material and announcements without using a single piece of paper.

To tie all of this functionality together we make use of 1st tier servers with 24-hour backups, fire prevention and leading security measures – you can rest assured that your data is in the right hands.

Additional Features

Electronic signatures (For deliveries and sign-offs)
Project Management
Schedule & Manage Meetings
Custom reporting period selection
Role and Responsibility based access
Integrated training booking & assessment modules
Schedule training, issue certificates of completion & view training completed
Personnel profiles & history (dismissals, warnings & transfers)
Manage Staff Leave & Attendance
Distribution Planning and control
Product management with checklist integration
Customisable Dashboards
Maintain a Business directory of staff, consultants & service providers
Maintain an address book of users & locations
Document & video Management
Dairy & call cycle management
Clock in management
Cloud Application
White Labelled
White Labelled Solution