MiMs is the Modular Information Management System that has been geared towards corporate with operations in retail, logistics and mining. Our real-time cloud solution increases productivity, manages risks and prevents loss in the workplace.

MiMs enables top management to systematically implement and maintain policies and procedures across the entire organization and implement ISO standards that enforce employee wellness, training, internal and external regulations, stock counts, health and safety and crime related incidents in real-time.

It is currently driving innovation in the health and safety industry as a reliable and accurate method for reporting on compliance standards and ensuring that all relevant personal have been briefed on and provided with access to all the required documentation.

Our solution enables users to provide in-depth and holistic accounts of near-misses, on the job injuries and other risk related events such as key control, asset management/registers, alarm checks, fire safety as well as theft, assault and damage to property – all of which is safely and correctly documented as required by professional and regulatory standards MiMs assists further in undertaking reports, checklists, stock counts and audits which ensures that your organization reduces overall risk and meets targets.

Set measures and controls to actively monitor conformance with accurate and reliable reporting allowing you to centralize and enforce risk management and loss prevention throughout your business.

Manage risks within your working environment effectively, proactively and cost effectively while ensuring overall compliance is maintained effectively. MiMs not only standardises performance in the organisation but it is also a tried and tested behavioral change tool that improves the users thinking and awareness over time.

MiMs manages small, medium, large and enterprise organisations on an ever evolving platform that is constantly being enhanced to ensure best practice is always at the technology forefront. IOT devices are also used as tools to enhance data input in order to provide even richer analytics to executive teams and stakeholders alike.

Additional Features

Expose Non-Compliance
Increase productivity & efficiency
Identify & resolve incidents quickly
Standardize Operations
Monitor Store Performance
Manage Non-conformance through Recommendations & Actions
Improve Internal Communication
Quantify the Value of Recovery and Loss
Identify Trends
Real-time Report Accessibility
Complete Checklists & forms easily
Complete Audits Electronically
Easily Access Photographic Records
Manage Stores Electronically
Receive Automatic Notifications on Exceptions
Assist with Business Compliance
Role and Responsibility based access
Custom reporting period selection
Accessible via PC, Laptop. Tablet & Smartphone
Customizable as per your requirement